Police to penalise complainants of fake cases

Jan 01, 2019

LAHORE: The Punjab police higher authorities have decided to initiate trial against those lodging fake cases against innocent people and adding to enormous burden on the police.

Action will be taken against them under section 182 of the PPC which provides for a maximum penalty of six months in prison or fine or both in case a person deliberately has moved a fake case.

IGP Amjad Javed Saleemi issued directions to the regional and district police officers to register the complaints to initiate action against the complainants under section 182 if the prove fake at any stage.

He directed them that they should discourage fake complaints and registration of fake FIRs.

Meanwhile, Mr Saleemi also said the monitoring of registration of complaints on IGP Complaint Cell 8787 is going on and no negligence will be tolerated.

The IGP took notice on the application submitted by Munir Ahmad, a resident of Ferozwala, complaining about inordinate delay in lodging his case.

After the inquiry, the issued suspension orders of the Ferozwala DSP due to his negligence.

(Daily Dawn)