IGP wants 469 PHP pick-ups replaced with new ones

Dec 29, 2018



LAHORE: Inspector General of Police Punjab Amjad Javed Saleemi has warned the government if 469 outlived Toyota pick-ups are not replaced with new vehicles, the patrolling activity on highways will come to a halt and result in shooting up highway crimes.

For the purpose, the IGP has sent a summary, a copy of which is available with The News, to the Punjab chief minister for the replacement of the Punjab Highway Patrol (PHP) pick-ups with cars as the in-use vehicles have outlived utility.

The Toyota pick-ups have crossed 10 years of age and prescribed mileage for condemnation.

Being so, they have become a liability of the department and consumed more expenditure than they deliver.

According to the summary, a survey was carried out to ascertain the worthiness of these vehicles which shows that 220 vehicles have crossed 10 lakh kilometres, 129 8 lakh km, 70 5 lakh km and 50 2.5-4 lakh km.

According to the Delegation of Financial Powers Rules 2016, all pick-ups fall under the criteria of condemned vehicles.

According to the rule, “the minimum distance of 2 lakh km for all motor cars, jeeps and motorcycles/scooters with engine power up to 1600 cc and of 0.25 million km for all other motor vehicles shall be observed as uniform criteria for replacement of vehicles”.

The summary reads that PHP functions on highways are of serious and quick response nature as they keep highways safe from crime and act as the first responders in case of incidents/accidents.

PHP vehicles complete their standard mileage of 2.5 km according to the schedule which shows that the vehicle in the use of operational post plies 300 km per day, 9,000 km per month and 108,000 km in one year. So the life of a vehicle used by operational posts completes its life in 2 years and 3 months.

On the other hand, the vehicles being used for miscellaneous duties cover 150 km per day, 4,500 km per month and 5,400 km per year.

Thus they complete 2.5 lakh km in 3 years and 10 months. But owing to the non-availability of alternative vehicles, the condemned process is not being initiated, which may cause complete halt in patrolling activity on highways and other designated roads extending over 12,500 km across Punjab.

The IG wrote that in 2010, a summary for phase-wise replacement of all PHP vehicles in coming 6 years (up to 2017) was approved by the then CM Punjab but owing to some political reasons not a single patrolling vehicle was provided to the PHP.

The IG said that at present, the matter of replacement of all patrolling pick-ups of the PHP has been looked into.

Viabilities of replacement of costly pick-ups with well-marked sedans have been worked out.

The new PHP sedans would not only save cost of replacement but would also be in line with the modern policing trends.

According to the estimates of the Police Department, the present per unit cost of pick-ups along with fabrication is more than Rs 3.5 million and purchase of 470 pick-ups may cost approximately Rs 1,645 million. However, the per-unit cost of a car is approximately Rs 2.1 million and 470 cars will cost Rs 987 million.

Thus an amount of Rs 658 million would be saved. Furthermore, the repair/maintenance cost of EFI diesel vehicles is far higher as compared to EFI petrol vehicles.

So if new 469 sedans are purchased, 365 vehicles for operational posts will cost Rs 767 million and 104 vehicles for miscellaneous use will cost Rs 220 million.

(The News)