Police Khidmat counters become functional

Dec 28, 2018

LAHORE: Protection of property and lives of people along with provision of all possible facilities to public with the help of smart and community policing is top priority of Punjab Police, said IG office spokesperson. According to vision of Punjab IG Amjad Javed Saleemi, Police Khidmat Counters have become functional in district headquarters hospitals of all districts of the province whereas their establishment at tehsil level is under way. In this regard, District Faisalabad is at the top. CPO Faisalabad DIG Ashfaq Khan has established Police Khidmat Counters at all six Tehsils of Faisalabad.

It is worth mentioning that 13 services at all Khidmat Counters of Punjab have been integrated and fully operational. Through this service any citizen can get the required service from any other district without wasting the valuable time and money. It may be recalled that these services are included character certificates, acquisition of FIR copy, renewal of driving licence, registration of tenants, general police verification, learner driving licence, international driving licence, duplicate driving licence, employee verification, vehicles verification, loss report, crime report and women violence report.