Police in action to disperse protesters

Dec 18, 2018

TOBA TEK SINGH: The police used baton charge to disperse villagers ,of Adda Philour, who blocked Faisalabad-Multan Road for three hours on Monday to protest the arrest of a villager by the Rajana police.

Protesters set tyres on fire and chanted slogans against the police for “unjustified arrest” of Liaqat Ali, of chak 256 GB. When the police and Elite Force personnel used baton charge, protesters pelted them with stones leaving Elite Force personnel Muhammad Sajjad injured.

Reporters said Rajana Station House Officer Munir Ahmad misbehaved with TV channel reporter Nazir Ahmad who was making footage of the operation on his mobile phone and also snatched his mobile phone.

The police arrested some protesters, including Liaqat Ali’s nephew Ali. Liaqat’s brother Muhammad Ramzan told reporters the police arrested his brother without any reason.

District police spokesperson Attaullah said Liaqat Ali was wanted by Thikriwala (Faisalbad) and Rajana police in three narcotic cases. He added that few days ago the Thikriwala police arrested two of his accomplices in Thikriwala when they were selling narcotics there but Liaqat escaped the scene.

The Thikriwala police had asked the Rajana police to arrest him. He stated that he was also wanted by the Rajana police in a similar case and had also remained in jail in a narcotics case.

(Daily Dawn)