RPOs’ conference allows police wings audit

Dec 01, 2018

Lahore: The Regional Police Officers (RPO) Conference allowed on Friday the audit of its wings — investigation, Special Protection Unit, Counter Terrorism Department, Punjab Highway Patrolling Police, Special Branch, Punjab Constabulary, Training, Traffic and Dolphins.

Field officers were told to complete audits in a week and submit report to the Central Police Office.

Chaired by Inspector General of Police Punjab Amjad Javed Saleemi, the conference ordered intensive crackdown on drug peddlers in educational institutions, including universities, medical colleges, government schools and other private institutions, spoiling the future of young generation.

Addressing the regional police officers, the IGP said that the properties and lives of citizens would be protected and writ of the state ensured at any cost as no subversive and anti-state element will be spared.

He ordered the department to demolish all private constructions at police’s land immediately and all encroachments must be removed so that the welfare projects could be started. He said no leniency and negligence in this regard would be accepted.

Mr Saleemi added that no recruitment will be made without biometric verification of the candidates in the future.

“It has been decided that no station house officer will display his name on police station boards in their jurisdictions,” the IGP said All RPOs and district police officers were directed to personally monitor the security of Chinese experts in their respective districts, saying that no negligence in this regard would be accepted.

The progress regarding the establishment of Resource Management System in all districts was also reviewed in detail in the conference.

Additional Inspector General Rai Babar Saeed said at the meeting all resource management centers had been linked up with the Central Police Office through a software and inventory of all items, including weapons, uniforms, bullet proof jackets, equipments of anti riot force and other weapons, had been digitized.

The IGP heard that Khidmat Marakaz had been integrated with 36 districts and Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid had been communicated for integration of Khidmat Counters with district headquarters hospitals.

(Daily Dawn)