IG issues SOPs for transparent investigations, timely justice

Nov 15, 2018

LAHORE: In order to ensure timely justice to public and extend cooperation with courts for speedy trials, special SOPs have been issued by Inspector General of Punjab Police Amjad Javed Saleemi and the implementation on these SOPs will be ensured by the RPOs and DPOs across Punjab.
No negligence and delay in this regard will be acceptable and strict departmental action will be taken against the violators. According to SOPs the collection of evidence from the crime scene will be the prime responsibility of the investigation officer, besides, preparation of detailed report in this regard. The investigation officer will also ensure transparency while preparing this report without implicating any innocent person.

The investigation officer/official during investigation will be responsible to enter his proceedings in the investigation diary having details, the place or places visited by him and statement of circumstances ascertaining through his investigation. Under the SOPs the same procedure will be followed by the investigation officer of District and Regional level. The investigation of all registered cases will be completed without unnecessary delay. Moreover, the IOs will ensure submission of challans within a period of 14 days at any cost. In case of non-completion of investigation, an interim report will be submitted in the court concerned by the relevant IO of the case. Due to any kind of delay in this regard legal complications arise and cause delay in trials. All CPOs, DPOs and CCPO will ensure strict compliance. According to the SOPs, only those IOs could appear before the superior courts who directly involved in investigation and the IOs will also appear with the complete relevant record, autopsy report, Medico Legal Reports (MLR), Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA) report and other required documents. The DPOs will be responsible for monitoring of under investigation cases to ensure its completion within stipulated period besides making it as integral agenda of the monthly crime meeting. All DPOs will discuss the under investigation cases on monthly basis in a meeting of criminal justice coordination bodies and take up the matter with the concerned district and session judges. The SP/DSP Legal of district concerned will be responsible to send diary regarding submission of reports on monthly basis to the head of district police for perusal.

(The News)