Diligence and honesty required from all police officers: IG Punjab

Oct 18, 2018

* Amjad Javed Saleemi says the basic purpose of police reforms is to ensure a positive behavioural change of force in order to assimilate them with smart modern policing parametres.


LAHORE: The safety of wealth and lives of people and maintenance of law and order by better provision of service delivery and courteous behaviour across the province is the top priority of Punjab police for which all officers and officials filled with zeal of public service should enhance respect and prestige of the department by offering their services with diligence and honesty.

Newly appointed Inspector General Police Amjad Javed Saleemi expressed these views while addressing the inspectors of 721 thanas from different districts across the province at the Central Police Office on Wednesday.

He added that the basic purpose of police reforms is to ensure the positive behavioural change of force in order to assimilate them with smart modern policing parameters for better public service. He said that senior officers should ensure the best professional relationship with their subordinates so that this positive change is also reflected in behavior of their subordinates while dealing with public.

He said that internal accountability unit will be made effective and strict action will be taken against the officers and officials, who are found guilty of corruption, misuse of power, negligence in their professional duties and in any other misconduct.

He said that all officers should ensure weekly holiday of their subordinates while Additional IG Establishment with other senior officers will visit Multan fortnightly in order to address issues of officers and officials of far distance areas of south Punjab so that officials should not come to Lahore for their inquiries and their problems may be solved at their doorsteps.

He further, said that a one day refresher training course will be arranged for inspectors deputed at thanas, foreign training courses will also be ensured on quota basis in order to enhance the efficiency of all police tiers.

On this occasion IG Punjab asked the inspectors to give three suggestions regarding their preferred place of postings so that they can perform their duties with full concentration.

IG Punjab while replying to queries of inspectors said that being a chief of Punjab police force, it is my top priority to focus on best welfare of police force for which all available resources will be utilised. He further said that schools for the children of police officials and martyrs will be established in all regions of province while health cards insurance shall be provided to address their health issues.

He said that welfare branch will be further activated in district headquarters of the province for the quick relief and welfare of officials. He said that the officers who do not complete the Annual Confidential Reports of their subordinates in time their promotion orders based on ACRs will not be issued. He directed inspectors that they should deal with public in a courteous way visiting thanas and there should be no delay in lodging of First Information Reports. He vowed that a strict departmental action will be taken against those officials who torture the citizens and behave rudely with them. He further said that efforts are underway for construction of residential colonies for police force in vicinity of police lines and other places in all districts of the province while the project of installing reverse osmosis plants for provision of clean water and facility of wash rooms in all police lines is being completed as soon as possible.

IG Punjab directed to all inspectors that they should adopt the policy of public service and observe merit without any external duress. He said that pension papers of every official should be completed before three months of his retirement so that they should not wait for the acquisition of their arrears and pension.

(Daily Times)