PHP arrests 24 gamblers, recovers Rs.2,780

Oct 04, 2018

LAHORE: Punjab Highway Patrol (PHP) arrested 3 persons harbouring proclaimed offenders (Pos),  arrested 24 gamblers and recovered cash Rs 2,780, registered 141 cases against Commuters, who paid no heeds to traffic rules, arrested 07 drunker. In detail: Patrolling police arrested 3 persons Qaiser Mahmood. Kareem Bukhsh and Sarfraz harbouring POs.

PHP team registered 141 cases against traffic violators, who paid no heeds to traf while seized 67 motorbikes on using fake registration or green number plates.

Furthermore, PHP team arrested 24 gamblers Amjad, Shahbaz, Imran, Nadeem, Maqsood, Abubakar, Irfan,Nadeem,Naveed, Rafique, Ahsan, Bashir, Mugheez, Bashir Muhammad, Sadam, Ab. Khaliq, Farhan, Akhtar, Rasheed, Aslam, Ishfaq and recovered cash Rs. 27800 from them.

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