Police move new summary for e-challan system

Sep 16, 2018

LAHORE: Punjab Police chief Muhammad Tahir has sent a summary of rules and regulations for the e-challan system to the Punjab government for approval.

The summary also included recommendations on the penalty for overloading. It also recommended a change in the size of number plates of vehicles. The summary also prescribed points for every violation. Every license holder will have certain points. A driver’s license can be cancelled after they use up all the points as a result of several violations.

As far as the e-challan system was concerned, CCTV cameras that can capture traffic violations have been installed in different parts of the city. These cameras can capture violations and the tickets will be delivered at the house of the violator. Punjab Safe City Authority Lahore had started sending warning tickets to different violators about a year ago.

In June 2016, Punjab Traffic DIG Farooq Mazhar had claimed that the system would be at par with international standards like any other developed country. Under it, an online record of violations will be maintained.

An electronic device will calculate these points and issue violation tickets. Every violation would have certain point penalties and authorities could cancel a driving licence for three months upto two years.

Mazhar explained that in case a violator does not pay the fine, they will not be able to get their documents updated. Every violation ticket carries the record of previous violation points which can also be updated online. A violator, on repeated cancellations of  their driving licence, will be required to appear for a driving test and repay the fee. At this stage, classes for driving training and traffic rules awareness would be mandatory.

“The department sent a proposed draft to the law department for amendments to traffic police rules. The proposed draft will be presented before the next cabinet committee meeting for further proceedings,” he said.
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Under the new system, if a death occurs during a road accident because of a traffic violation and police find the violator guilty during an investigation, the driver’s licence would remain suspended for two years even if the violator reaches an agreement of reconciliation with the aggrieved family.