PHP to grow 220,000 plants

Sep 06, 2018

Additional IG Punjab Highway Patrol (PHP) issued directions for tree plantation to materialise the slogan of Green Highways.

The IG said that global warming and deforestation had caused environmental pollution. He directed that every personnel in the field duty should grow minimum 10/10 plants in their designated beat area and PHP posts. Furthermore, the staff posted at PHP offices will grow minimum 25 plants in PHP beat areas. Therefore, PHP shall plant 220,000 saplings.


Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) issued its Integrated Command, Control and Communication Centre’s (IC3) performance review for Kasur PSCA Project for the month of August. In a bid to serve E-Data requests by Punjab Police and other LEAs, Kasur IC3 provided Electronic Evidence Data pertaining to 5 heinous crime cases and investigations. Kasur Operations Monitoring Centre (OMC) secured more than 1,422 observations that warranted interception of more than 308 suspicious persons and screening of 255 vehicles by Mohafiz Force. Sixty-one of such vehicles were detained pending further investigations whereas three FIRs registered accordingly. The OMC employs state of the art CCTV Surveillance Operations through the geo-strategic grid of cameras within the city. On violations of traffic laws and felonies of wrong parking, 293 tickets were issued in the month of August. Furthermore, in coordination with TMA and Punjab Police, PSCA Kasur managed to foil 131 bids of illegal land occupancy and issued 172 warning notices to the other accessories of the crime.

In last two weeks of August a total of 18,744 calls were received on 15 emergency helpline out of which, 17,686 calls were considered hoaxes and on 1,058 calls with genuine concerns, the Dispatch Control Center (DCC) generated cases for further action. It is worth mentioning that integrated operations rendered by IC3 of PSCA Kasur have somewhat reformed emergency response time overall.

A reduction of not less than15 minutes in average response time carried out by Muhafiz Force, CTP and Punjab Police was ensured and observed. Kasur project got into its strides following the launch of IC3 Lahore whereas six more Integrated Command Control and Communication Centers, under the aegis of Punjab Safe Cities Authority, are ensuring rapid construction and developments in six divisions of Punjab namely Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Gujranwala, Multan and Bahawalpur.

(The News)