IG wants young officers to work in tough areas

Aug 18, 2018

LAHORE: Inspector General of Police, Punjab Dr Syed Kaleem Imam has said that young officers should get their initial postings in tough areas because experience of this field posting will prove advantageous in professional life. 
He said that being the civil servant, it is the prime responsibility of police force to be polite, honest and professional with complainants and that all the available resources must be utilised to solve their problems.

He said that all the police officers should improve their performance so that the complainants consider them their well-wisher and helpful. He assured that being the head of Punjab Police he would also take all the possible steps in this regard.

He said that most of the complaints in rural areas are related to revenue department so he directed senior officers to develop effective coordination with the department in order to redress the grievances of complainants in time.

He expressed these views while directing the ASPs during a video link meeting at central police office Friday. DIG headquarters Shehzada Sultan and other senior officers were also present in the meeting.

The IG directed the ASPs to improve the coordination between police officers in order to ensure the rule of law and safety and security of the lives and property of the people. He sought suggestions from them for improving the performance of police. He said that female officers should perform their duty with national zeal and fervour and that they should avail command opportunities and should get access not only to national institutions but also to international institutions on basis of their professional skills.

He also emphasised that effective investigation is of vital importance in any case to put criminal behind bars so all the investigation officers should enhance their skills and should do their job with complete impartiality.

The IG issued orders that all the DPOs have to submit a report to Additional IG investigations of at least two cases from its FIR to final report so that this content could be used for the training of new investigation officers. He said that it is mandatory for officers of all cadres to get advance training in order to perform their duty with professional excellence and to meet contemporary challenges. He said that all the sources must be utilised for the welfare of police force and for improvement in the condition of police stations. Moreover, the IG ordered to change the names of all the unknown police station names, across Punjab and directed the senior officers to provide/suggest new names.

According to the letter issued from IGP office to all the RPOs and DPOs, it has been directed that new names of police stations should be proposed in accordance with the history and culture of the areas, local landmarks and heroes can also be considered while suggesting new names. It is also been directed in the letter that the list of new names should be submitted to central police office as early as possible so that the competent authority may finalise the names.

He directed all the officers that suggested names should be locally recognised and well-known so that it can facilitate the public and encircle the changes/development occurring in that specific area or place.

(The News)