Three bonded workers recovered in kiln raid

Aug 12, 2018

HAFIZABAD-The police recovered three brick-kiln workers including two women along with their four minor children detained for bonded labour at a brick-kiln.
The Hafizabad City Police carried out the raid on a brick-kiln in Dajkot, District Faisalabad. 
According to police source, Zulfiqar Ali, brother of detainee Abdul Hakeem, filed a writ petition in Lahore High Court to the effect that the owner of a brick-kiln in Dajkot has kept his brother Abdul Hakeem (55), his wife Kalsoom (45), Misbah Bibi (45), Neesha (12), Bakhtawar (10), Zuhra (5) and Muhammad Ramzan in his illegal confinement for the past one year. He claimed that despite repeated requests and protests, the police did not move to recover the detainees and arrest the accused. 
The Lahore High Court ordered the Hafizabad DPO to take prompt action for recovery of the detainees from the clutches of the brick-kiln owner. Thereupon, the DPO constituted special teams headed by the Hafizabad City Police SHO which raided the kiln in Dajkot and recovered all the detainees from the illegal detention of the accused. The owner fled away while the police arrested two workers of the kiln who were also involved in the illegal detention. Further investigation is in progress.
A villager of Walgan Bukhsha identified as Abid, son of Muzaffar, was deprived of Rs35,000 by three armed robbers near Kaleke.
According to police source, he was on the way to his village and near Masoom Shah Bridge Kaleke, three armed bandits intercepted him and snatched Rs35,000 from him at pistol point. 
Of late, the incidents of robbery and bike snatching have been increased during the past fortnight but the police have miserably failed to prevent recurrence of such incident.

(The Nation)