PSCA releases performance review for July

Aug 08, 2018

LAHORE - Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) has released its Integrated Command, Control and Communication Centre (IC3) performance review for the month of July.

According to their official report, Authority’s Operations Monitoring Center secured more than 32,597 observations that warranted FIRs in 56 cases and interception of more than 295 suspicious persons by PRU and Dolphin Squad and a thorough probing of 3,274 suspicious vehicles.

A total of 1,174 vehicles and motor bikes were spotted and intercepted for having no or non-standard number plates and action was taken duly by the ground units thereof.

The OMC employs state of the art CCTV Surveillance Operations through the geo-strategic grid of cameras within the metropolis. More than 77 rallies and protests were monitored and security measures were ensured. Electronic Ticketing Center (ETC) recorded 8,362,538 violations of Traffic Laws out of which Traffic Signal violations across Lahore alone stood up to a staggering 3,951,677.

The 15 Emergency Helpline received 425,185 calls, out of which, 339,691 calls were considered hoaxes and on approximately 38,897 calls, with genuine concerns, the Dispatch Control Center (DCC) generated cases for further action. 19,690 of the calls received sought for information, consultancy, traffic management or CTP help. The Media Monitoring Center (MMC) cracked down on 273 objectionable social media pages & IDs containing violent, anti-state or profane content.

PPIC3 center served Electronic Data Evidence Acquisition requests initiated by Punjab Police and other LEAs by releasing data pertaining to more than 222 heinous crime cases. The PSCA Public Safety app also set its mark high this month thereby contributing to the recovery of 5 persons, 1 Car, 164 motor bikes and 5 Auto-Rickshaws through its infamous Lost & Found center.

PSCA is diligently playing its part in enhancing road-sense by displaying directives and situational messages on its Variable Messaging Service (VMS) displayed on LCDs across all major roads of the metropolis. PSCA is determined to extend its services and cooperation with LEAs, and all others in need, whenever required.

Citizens are requested to contact 15 helpline in case of any emergency or to report an illegal activity in the city. In other endeavors, PSCA has initiated a crackdown in coordination with Punjab Police and CTP against illegal and NCP vehicles. PSCA, recently, deployed and test-run its unprecedented Public Address Sound Systems capable of two-way communication at around 250 locations across the city.

These systems are tasked to manage traffic, conflict and mob in any developing situations. PSCA, along with TEPA and LDA, has also embarked on Safety and Décor drive of Lahore city as a prelude to the imminent Independence Day.

(The Nation)