Nation can’t forget police martyrs: Askari

Aug 05, 2018

LAHORE: Caretaker Chief Minister Dr Hasan Askari Rizvi says the nation cannot forget the police martyrs who sacrificed their lives for peaceful and secure life of the citizens.

Addressing a ceremony at Alhamra in connection with Police Martyrs Day on Saturday, he termed the police martyrs heroes, saying that great status of martyrdom could be achieved when the respect and dignity of the department and collective welfare of society were kept supreme.

Mr Askari said discharge of duties with responsibility and defence of principles required sacrifices and the conflict of good and evil was still continuing. He said the history of Pakistan was filled with sacrifices and there were great examples of sacrifices from the war of independence till today.

“The incidents of terrorism have been reduced considerably due to sacrifices of the Pakistan army and security institutions but still this war is going on. The army, Rangers, police have discharged their duties efficiently and gave sacrifices. Ignoring the sacrifices of these martyrs is like ignoring our existence.”

(Daily Dawn)