Askari urges people-friendly policing

Aug 05, 2018

LAHORE - Interim Chief Minister Dr Hasan Askari has said that the police should maintain friendly ties with people as per requirements of justice.

“The nation cannot ignore sacrifices of policemen,” he said at an event held to mark Police Martyrs Day at Alhamra Saturday.

Interim ministers Shaukat Javed, Zia Haider Rizwi, Ahmad Waqas Riaz, IGP Kaleem Imam, the mother of martyred CTO Capt (r) Mubeen, widow of constable Ramazan, senior policemen and families of martyrs attended the ceremony.

Following the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, one-minute silence was observed. The interim CM stressed the need for providing police modern technology to cope with challenges. He hoped the police will face the changing challenges of the security with efficiency.

He continued: “Martyrs are our heroes and there are great objectives behind great sacrifices. Sacrifices and martyrdom are basic ingredients of our historic and national identity. Such spirit generates when the objectives are great and passion is strong to achieve the same.

“Discharging duties with responsibility and defence of principles requires sacrifices. The great status of martyrdom is achieved when the respect and dignity of the department and collective welfare of society is kept supreme. The policemen sacrificed their lives while keeping in mind these objectives. Their sacrifices would be remembered forever.”

He also listed sacrifices the nation rendered in war on terror, saying: “The nation has rendered unparalleled sacrifices in the war against terrorism. Incidents of terrorism have been reduced considerably due to sacrifices of army and security institutions, but still this war is continuing. The army, Rangers, police have discharged their duties efficiently.”

(The Nation)