Police employees’ data computerised

Aug 01, 2018

LAHORE - The data and service record of at least 186,148 police personnel has been secured in the Human Resource Management Information System of the police department.

A police spokesman on Tuesday said the initiative would help strengthen merit-based policy of transfers and postings. The data can be viewed at any time with one click of button.

This modern system will keep data and service record of all policemen from Constable to Inspector General including their documents, basic information, education, training, promotions, demotions, punishments, rewards, and medical records.

This initiative has successfully curtailed the monopoly of Establishment Branch and clerk Mafia since they would not be able to interfere in matters related to transfer and postings.

This project of modern technology was launched in 2016, the spokesman said.

Following the activation of human resource management information system, it is quite easy now to identify officers and officials appointed on similar posts for a long period. This will also help officers keep themselves aware about service record of their subordinates.

After activation of this system, the transfers and postings of all officers and officials will be issued by the system bearing a QR Code on transfer order as security feature. The security features are introduced to avoid any kind of forgery, the spokesman said.

(The Nation)