PSCA, police launch crackdown

Jul 13, 2018

LAHORE: The newly incumbent Inspector General Syed Kaleem Imam paid a visit to the Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) on Thursday. PSCA and Punjab police will embark on a joint crackdown against illegal or smuggled vehicles, especially the luxury cars, said the IGP during the meeting at PSCA. During the visit, he said those illegal, unregistered and smuggled vehicles are feared to be involved in terrorist activities. Imam sanctioned an indiscriminate crackdown against these vehicles and asked the CCPO, the DIG Operations and all the DPOs across the province to expedite the process. All such vehicles are to be reported to the Headquarters once they are apprehended, he directed. Following the directives from the IGP, PSCA has already started scouring CCTV footage to identify such vehicles. So far, four vehicles have been impounded pending further investigations.