CTO orders drive against wrong parking

May 08, 2018

LAHORE - Chief Traffic Officer Rai Ejaz Ahmad on Monday directed wardens to launch a special campaign against wrong parking in the metropolis. The officer also directed the traffic policemen to show zero tolerance towards violation of one-way traffic.

The CTO issued these directions while presiding over a meeting about traffic management during the month of Ramadan here at the Qurban Police Lines. SP Sardar Asif, SP Asif Siddique, DSP Munir Ahmad, and all Circle Officers and sector in-charges were also present on this occasion. The officers also discussed various proposals to improve traffic control and management.

SSP Rai Ejaz ordered the traffic wardens to take strict action against the violators in order to ensure smooth flow of traffic on city roads. It was also decided in the meeting that the wardens would initiate legal action against motorists in case of serious violations of traffic laws. While addressing the participants, the CTO asked the officers make the campaign successful by involving colleges, universities, trader unions, transporters and all other stake holders. As part the latest traffic awareness campaign, banners would be displayed at markets, bazaars, and one-way points to educate the motorists.

Rai Ejaz Ahmad also said the violation of traffic laws particularly one-way violation causes fatal accidents. “By violating one-way traffic rule, the motorists not only put their lives at risk but they also become a threat to other road users. A minor mistake can leads to a big loss,” he added. “Safe and sound journey is the first preference of Traffic Police. Respect the right of way, share roads, every road user has equal right of way on roads.”

The CTO also said, “Wrong parking disrespects the right of way of other road users and the one-way violation is equal to committing suicide. We all will have to work together to save lives and make roads safe.”

(The Business)