Police arrest four men for alleged gang rape

Apr 30, 2018

GUJRANWALA: Police arrested four men for raping a second-year student in Sohdra on Sunday.

Police identified the four men as Tahir, the girl’s neighbour, and Kashif, Tayyab and Jaffar, his companions.

The girl’s parents went to the Sohdra police station 10 days ago, pleading officials to take action. Police then raided several areas and apprehended the four men. After conducting a medical examination of the victim, police have registered the case, while also recording the young girl’s statement.

Details show that Tahir lured the young girl to a campsite nearby, where he raped her, while his companion, Kashif, Jaffar and Tayyab, proceeded to document the incident by
taking pictures.

The accused then used these images to blackmail the girl, calling her to several locations, where
she was then raped multiple times.

After news of the incident and the images began to circulate among village residents, the men abducted the girl from her home and forced her to marry a man named Nazaqat, who was a servant working at the campsite owned by a retired policeman, Haji Mehmood. However, police have
not yet managed to apprehend him.

The accused’s family maintains that the young girl left her home and ran away with Nazaqat out of her own free will. Police have taken our children into custody because they were Nazaqat’s friends and confidantes, they said. They maintain that their children are innocent.