Police crackdown against substandard CNG cylinders

Mar 28, 2018

On the directions of Inspector General Police Punjab Captain Retired Arif Nawaz Khan a ten day special campaign against use of illegal unauthorized and substandard CNG cylinders in wagons, buses and other vehicles have been concluded in order to bring down the traffic accident due to CNG cylinder Blasts in all districts of province.
During the campaign 8480 vehicles have been Challaned due to not in accordance with approved measures of OGRA and HDIP while 373 vehicles have been booked and 851 vehicles have detained. Likewise 452 drivers have been arrested and actions have been taken against them.
According to the details owing to use of substandard and low quality cylinders accidents have been on rise therefore IG Punjab has directed DIG traffic Muhammad Farooq Mazhar to launch to crack down against them upon which DIG traffic police Punjab Muhammad Farooq Mazhar has constituted joint teams of regional transport authority department and motor transport examiner MVO. From 9-03-2018 to 18-03-2018 during checking on roads all unauthorized illegal low quality and CNG cylinders not fulfilling the set measures have been detained and legal actions have been taken against their owners.
DIG traffic Punjab has told about this campaign that it was noticed before the special campaign of the survey that accident on roads are also caused due to negligence of drivers except use of illegal and low quality CNG cylinders.These cylinders get blasted during gas filling or any minor accidents and cause many causalities an other loss. Despite all of this unskilled drivers and owners put the lives of citizens into danger after installing illegal and low quality cylinders in their vehicles. He moreover said that the main objective of this special campaign is to give to the people about the safe journey and decrease traffic accidents. He finally said that these crackdowns will be continued in future.

(Pakistan Observer)