Police directed to take steps for foreigners’ security

Feb 26, 2018

RAWALPINDI: The police have been directed to take measures to provide security to over 2,680 foreigners working and living in Punjab.

The directives follow observations indicated by existing security arrangements for foreigners working at professional institutions, religious institutions, NGOs and other sites, and does not include Chinese nationals working on projects in the province.

The police were directed to follow the standard operating procedures for the security of foreigners living or working in the province that has already been issued by the Punjab home department.

The directive was issued during a top-level meeting on law and order, during which a security audit report was reviewed in order plug any loopholes in security arrangements for foreigners.
It was decided that security for foreigners would be discussed in the divisional and district intelligence committee meetings and necessary measures will be taken for the security of individuals working or residing in the respective areas of the divisional police chiefs and civil administration.

The report will be sent to the administrations of various institutions, which will be directed to take measures to address security loopholes noted in the report.

Divisional police chiefs were also directed to take any other security measures that seem appropriate in view of the prevailing threat perception to ensure foolproof security for foreigners during their travel, stay or movement.

District-level police and civil administrations have been asked to conduct joint visits of all institutions and submit thorough reports to the provincial home department.

(Daily Dawn)