Police nab 28,889 criminals, seize narcotics

Jan 01, 2018

FAISALABAD: Police claimed to have arrested 28,889 criminals, including proclaimed offenders, drug peddlers, illicit weapon holders, target offenders and gamblers from the district during the current year.

Police official Amir Waheed said that the police arrested 15,233 proclaimed offenders, 3,319 target offenders and 829 court absconders.

Similarly, the police also arrested 3,746 drug peddlers and seized 1,564.313 kilogrammes of hashish, 15.367 kilogrammes of heroin, 28.253 kg opium, 24.145 kg puppy dust (Bhukki), 54,043 litre liquor and 4,559 litres of liquor. In addition, the police also unearthed 59 distilleries and nabbed 49 drunkards during 2017.
He added the police teams also apprehended 2,715 illicit weapons holders along with 2,040 pistols, 370 guns, 165 rifles, 80 Kalashnikovs, 48 revolvers, 34 carbines, 14 daggers, two hand grenades and a number of bullets/cartridges.

Besides, 3,047 accused were apprehended on charge of gambling and confiscated bet money of Rs2,177,500 and 31 television sets from their possession during the said period, he maintained.

He pointed out the police also arrested 217 bandits, including ring leaders from the district during 2017.

Amir Waheed said that the police also confiscated 24 stolen cars, 225 motorcycles, one mini loader, one tractor, 12 batteries, 51 mobile phones, 17 buffaloes, one cow, four bulls, nine goats, two rams, 10.5 tola gold and cloth worth Rs45.497 million from the possession of the accused.