IGP Directs to Launch Crackdown Against Criminals

Dec 13, 2017

Inspector General of Police Punjab Capt.(R) Arif Nawaz Khan has directed the officers to compile the lists of habitual and professional criminals and launch a massive crackdown against them from August 1st.
Addressing the officers via video link conference here, IG directed the officers to compile the lists of criminals and clamp down on them to ensure that they could not vitiate peace across the province. “I shall personally monitor the campaign against criminals,” he added.
This crackdown, particularly aimed at eradication of street crimes and elimination of criminals in Punjab, he said and added that it must be based on proper analysis regarding nature of crime, timing and modus operandi of the criminals.
He urged the RPOs and DPOs to improve efficacy linked to random snap checking, picketing and patrolling at every level. “There must be absolute coordination and efficiency in the ongoing crackdowns at every level,” reiterated the police chief.
Arif Nawaz said these measures must be further implemented with fool proof investigations against those nominated in crime related cases so that actual culprits may not go scot-free. He said that there was no place in the department for the policemen involved in crimes and patronizing the criminals. “Such police officers and officials particularly DSPs and SHOs would be taken to task,” he warned.
IG directed the DPOs to ensure contact with the force members in all districts and visit the Police Lines on weekly basis. He directed the officers to further improve facilities being given to the force members. He said that Elite Force was a specialized force and this force should not be used without any purpose.
Arif Nawaz directed to pay attention to IT Projects and Front Desks in all districts as modern policing was not possible without using the technology in the current era of development. He directed the officers to take all possible measures to protect the rights of women and children, personally look into the cases of violence against them and solve their cases on priority basis. No negligence in this regard would be tolerated, he warned.
He directed the RPOs and DPOs to conduct search, sweep and combing operations in their respective jurisdiction, tighten monitoring system at inter-provincial check posts, increase police patrolling in sensitive areas, make checking at entry and exit points more effective and use modern technology to trace and round up the criminals.
IG further directed the RPOs and DPOs to arrange refresher courses for the cops to improve their skills and make them public friendly besides holding special training for them in connection with investigation and community policing. He directed the field officers to personally look into the problems and cases pertaining to the force welfare without any delay.
Lauding the sacrifices of the martyrs, the IGP vowed that they would make all out efforts to solve the problems of their families. He directed the RPOs and DPOs to award punishments to the officials in the light of their crime/ offence. He said that if any DPO wanted to establish more police stations or kiosks in his jurisdiction, he could send his recommendations to the Central Police Office so that such schemes/plans could be included in the development projects.
Arif Nawaz said that he would visit the Divisional Headquarters and inspect the police stations and offices. He said that efforts must also be made to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect between public and police department. For the purpose, coupled with measures to maintain law and order, due care must be taken that no inconvenience is caused to the law abiding citizens, he added. All RPOs and DPOs participated in the conference through video link. Additional IGs, DIGs and other senior police officers attended the conference.

(Pakistan Observer)