Dolphins Arrested 60 Dacoits in 10 Months

Nov 23, 2017

The Dolphin Force arrested 60 alleged dacoits in the provincial metropolis during the first 10 months of this year.  This new police unit also responded to 12,953 calls for help. During the snap-checking in Lahore, the Dolphin police also seized three stolen cars, 20 motorcycles, and 45 mobile phones.  Police officer Faisal Shahzad Wednesday told reporters that the basic responsibility of this force is to protect the lives and properties of citizens by immediately responding to emergencies.  “We are going to expand the network of Dolphins across Lahore. These modern police units will soon start patrolling on all the city roads. Earlier, we were facing a dearth of staff and therefore the Dolphins were unable to patrol on all city roads,” said Faisal, who leads the newly-raised police units in Lahore.  During the past 10 months , this police unit checked 652,780 vehicles, 649,647 motorcycles, and 66,000 persons during patrolling on different city roads, the officer explained.  The Dolphins squads also arrested 189 crime suspects and seized 80 pistols, five assault rifles, bullets, and 425 bottles of liquor from their possession. This police unit also took action against 53 persons who were driving cars with fake or unauthorized number plates.

(The Nation)