PHP Vows to Combat Highway Crime

Sep 29, 2017

LAHORE: Punjab Highway Patrol (PHP) has decided to improve the monitoring and exchange of information mechanism to combat crime on highways.

The PHP held a meeting with the officers of directorate of monitoring under the directions of Additional IGP Amjad Javid Saleemi at Arfa Karim Tower on the agenda of mutual cooperation. It was decided in the meeting that information should be shared firsthand.

The officials said details of heinous crimes should be passed to PHP posts and the control room so that incident handling could be monitored effectively.

Participants of the meeting devised a new strategy that cameras on 3G and 4G networks should be installed on patrolling vehicles which would record crime scenes, movement of vehicles as well as corruption and behaviour of police officials with commuters. In the same way, positions of all vehicles may be checked through the internet from any PHP office.

In the meeting, DSP Operations Zulfiqar Ali, DSP C&V Rao Kamran Akhtar, Deputy Director Shahzada Khurram, Assistant Director Malik Zaman, PRO Muhammad Qazzafi and in-charge control room Abdul Munaf participated. It was also decided in the meeting that an internet facility would be given to PHP vehicles during snap checking for online data checking of stolen vehicles, proclaimed offenders and court absconders.