‘Terrorists’ Held in CTD Raid

Aug 23, 2017

LAHORE: Punjab counterterrorism department Tuesday claimed to have arrested two terror suspects during a successful raid in Multan district. They were identified by police as Sanaullah and Umer Javed, said to be members of Al-Qaida. The CTD team also seized four hand-grenades, detonators, and pistols from their possession. According to a CTD spokesman, “The Multan CTD team got credible source information that two terrorists belonging to proscribed organisation AQIS (Al Qaida Indian Subcontinent) were present in the area of Al-Mansoor Garden, near Awan chock Multan.” They were planning to attack LEA's officials and sensitive installations in Multan, the spokesman said. “On this information, the CTD team raided the place and arrested two terrorists.” A case was also registered against the suspects under anti-terrorism act. Further investigation was underway.

(The Nation)