Three TTP men held in Bahawalpur

Jun 20, 2017

CTD arrested three members of the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) from Bahawalpur whom they claimed were plotting an attack in the city on Eid day.

They also recovered explosives and suicide jackets from their possession.

A CTD spokesman claimed that acting on a tip-off that the TTP was planning to attack a sensitive installation in Bahawalpur, a local CTD team conducted a raid at around 1:30pm at a house near Quaid Colony and arrested three suspects belonging to the TTP.

He said the suspected terrorists were identified as Gohar Ali, Muhammad Yousaf and Zamurad Khan, adding they also recovered 3kg of explosives, ball bearings, two suicide jackets, electronic circuit, timed devices and power plug batteries from their possession.

He said a case was also registered against the suspects at Bahawalpur CTD police station and an investigation started.

(Daily Dawn)