Police on high alert at inter-provincial border to foil terrorist attack

Feb 13, 2024

Punjab Police is actively serving at all inter-provincial border posts of the province and protecting the borders of the province with great commitment and courage. The brave soldiers of the Punjab Police once again foiled the attack of the terrorists and forced them to retreat.12 to 13 terrorists attacked Qabol Khan check post Mianwali from three sides on Sunday night, the terrorists opened heavy fire at the police check post with latest weapons. The brave police officials posted at the check post foiled the terrorist attack with the comprehensive strategy and effective modern technology. All the terrorists retreated and escaped due to the heavy retaliatory action of the Punjab Police and firing. As soon as the incident was reported, DPO Mianwali reached the spot along with more personnel and started a search operation to arrest the terrorists. IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar congratulated the police team for foiling the terrorist attack. IG Punjab said that Punjab police personnel at border check post are frontline soldiers against terrorism. IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar said that Punjab Police is a lead wall against terrorists in the border areas, terrorists will never be allowed to succeed in their cause, we will root them out from the bud.

Dr. Usman Anwar said that the Punjab Police has always sacrificed precious lives to destroy the nefarious intentions of the enemy and will not hesitate to present any sacrifice in the line of duty in future too. In addition, the video of the terrorist attack on the Qabol Khan Check Post Mianwali was released. Spokesperson of Punjab Police said that the terrorists came towards the check post in the darkness of night, the terrorists were traced with modern thermal cameras used by the Punjab Police. When the first rocket launchers were fired by the terrorists, they started heavy firing with modern weapons, terrorists also threw hand grenades at the check post. Footage from thermal cameras also showed hand grenades exploding. Effective retaliatory action and firing by police forces forced the terrorists to retreat. RPO Sargodha Shariq Kamal said that the pursuit of terrorists is going on, they will be brought to their logical end soon. IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar said that provision of modern equipment and facilities have been ensured at all check posts, Punjab Police is on alert, they will never let the enemy succeed in his evil intentions.

(Pakistan Observer)