Chinese police delegation visited Special Branch Headquarters Roberts Club, got information about working of Special Branch.

Nov 27, 2023
On the invitation of Inspector General Police Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar, a high-level delegation of Chinese Province Jiangsu Police has reached Lahore on a 5-day visit to Pakistan. Led by Mr. Tan Yongsheng, Deputy Director General of Public Security Department of Jiangsu Province, Chinese delegation visited the Central Police Office. The officers included in the delegation were Mr.  Shen Xiang, Director of Public Security Data Administration Bureau of Public Security Department of Jiangsu Province,  Mr. Wang Bingde, Standing Deputy Director General of Nanjing Public Security Bureau, Jiangsu Province, Mr. Yaun Xiulai, Director of Public Order Administration Department of Public Security Department of  Jiangsu Province, Mr. Hu Xiao, Deputy Director General of Wuxi Public Security Bureau, Jiangsu Province and Mr. Shao Weimin, Deputy Director of International Cooperation Bureau of Public Security Department of Jiangsu Province.
IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar and senior police officers adorned the Chinese delegation officers with the traditional cultural turbans of Punjab. During the meeting, it was agreed to further strengthen security and strategic relations between Punjab and Jiangsu police officials.Jiangsu Police delegation undertook a  detailed discussion on increasing bilateral cooperation in training, security and technical matters with Punjab Police. The Chinese police officers will review the working of different units of Punjab Police in the recent visit, and will finalize the matter to enhance the mutual cooperation. IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar said that Punjab Police is looking forward to enhance cooperation with Chinese police in investigations, operations, trainings, information technology, modern weapons and logistics etc. IG Punjab said that the capacity building of Punjab Police force will be improved  with the experience of Chinese police, modern technology and upgrading the training modules.
He said that the foolproof security of Chinese citizens, investors and experts is the top priority of the Punjab Police and in this regard the Special Protection Unit is tirelessly working by day and night. Deputy Director General, Tan Yongsheng appreciated the foolproof security of Chinese experts (working on various projects) provided by Punjab Police.  He vowed to continue the technical and logistics support to Punjab Police and modern training of officers. Deputy Director General Tan Yongsheng added that Chinese police experts will train the newly formed Punjab Tourism and Investment Police. He lauded the women empowerment and increase in women representation at key posts in Punjab Police.  He also appreciated the public service delivery projects of Punjab Police.
At the end of the meeting, souvenirs and gifts were exchanged between the members of the Punjab Police and the Chinese delegation. Mr. Liu Yingkai, Embassy of China Islamabad, Mr. Li Quingchun, Embassy of China Islamabad, Mr. Cao Ke, Deputy Council General and Mr. Zhao Fushan Secretary Council General were accompanied the Chinese delegation, whereas Additional IG Punjab Sultan Ahmad Chaudhry, Additional IG Welfare Muhammad Riaz Nazir Gara, DIG SPU Tayyab Hafeez Cheema and senior officers of Punjab Police also attended the meeting.