Electricity thieves will face indiscriminate action: IG Punjab

Sep 22, 2023

Inspector General Police Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar has issued orders to all RPOs, CPOs and DPOs to crackdown on anti-national and anti-social elements who are damaging the national exchequer by electricity thefts. IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar released a special video message about the crackdown against electricity thieves. He said that the crackdown of the Punjab Police against electricity thieves has been accelerated across the province including Lahore and the Punjab Police is registering more than 01 thousand cases against electricity thieves on a daily basis. IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar said that the anti-social elements involved in electricity theft are causing a loss of 600 billion rupees to the country’s exchequer annually and one year’s robbery of the country’s treasury by electricity thieves is equivalent to the amount stolen in all the crimes of dacoity, robbery, kidnapping against ransom etc during 15 years across the whole province.

IG Punjab said that the total annual amount looted in theft, dacoity and other crimes is very less compared to electricity theft. IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar said that anti-national elements and culprits involved in electricity theft rackets will not get any concession now, on the instructions of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Chief Minister of Punjab, Punjab Police is speeding up the crackdown against the elements of electricity theft. The accused who steal electricity in villages, cities, factories, commercial level are being brought under the law. IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar said that those who steal electricity by hooking, directly from the transformer, tampering with the meter or in any other way will not get any discount. IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar said that innocent citizens & consumers have to bear the consequences and pay the bills from their hard earned money of this theft of others.

IGP vowed that nobody will be allowed the commit robbery on this hard earn money of citizens’ day and night labor. IG Punjab also requested the citizens to cooperate with the police, district administration and related institutions by giving information against the electricity thieves involved in theft around them, So that actions against these anti-social elements that harm the country’s treasury can be accelerated. On the directions of Inspector General Police Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar, Punjab Police is ensuring crackdown against the proclaimed offender residing abroad after committing the crimes. During the ongoing operations another absconder Abdul Jabbar, has been arrested .

The total number of arrested proclaimed offender from abroad has reached 116, proclaimed offender Abdul Jabbar, wanted by Punjab Police Narowal in a fraud case, fled to Saudi Arabia, Punjab Police issued a red notice from Interpol to arrest the culprit, he was arrested at the airport on his return, Further legal action is being taken against the Abdul Jabbar. IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar while praising the arrest of the absconder, directed to intensify the ongoing crackdown. IG Punjab said that the pursuit of the fugitive culprits residing abroad and involved in various serious crimes including murder, robbery, kidnapping for ransom should be continued. IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar directed that RPOs, DPOs should monitor the crackdown against dangerous proclaimed offenders by themselves and send reports regularly.

(Daily Times)