‘Dead’ bus driver held over motorway crash

Sep 10, 2023

TOBA TEK SINGH: The driver of the bus, which had had an accident on M-4 near Pindi Bhattian on Aug 20, in which 18 passengers were burnt alive, was arrested by Hafizabad Saddar police from Pindi Bhattian on Saturday. A Hafizabad police spokesperson said it was earlier thought that the driver had also burnt alive after the Karachi-Islamabad bus collided with a pick-up truck containing diesel drums. After the collision, the bus had caught fire and 18 passengers had died in it by burning while 15 were injured. When the DNA test reports of the bodies were received some days back, all 18 bodies were identified and they were handed over to the families. However, the body of bus driver, Mujahid Ali, a resident of Faisalabad, was missing. Police later found that the driver was still alive and had escaped. Pindi Bhattian Saddar SHO Jahangir Ali said the driver was found through geofencing of his mobile phone and he was arrested when he was waiting for a bus near Pindi Bhattian. After his arrest, the driver disclosed that he had jumped off the bus a moment before the collision and fled the scene.

(Daily Dawn)