Muzaffargarh Police reunite girl with parents

Sep 09, 2023

MUZAFFARGARH   -  Muzaffargarh Police reunited the mother with the daughter who fled allegedly after being fed up with the uncle’s oppression. The 12-year-old Minahil reached Kot Addu by train from Islamabad about two months ago, the police said. Incharge Gender Police Station City Kot Addu Sub-Inspector Saeeda Khaliq con­tacted the Islamabad Police to find the parents of Minahil but in vain. As a result, the girl was sent to Shelter Home, where Minahil refused to stay but with Sub-Inspector Saeedah Khaliq herself. She kept the girl her home for a month upon latter’s insistence with continued search for the parents. Finally her mother was traced through social media to which the girl handed over safely.  On this occasion, Gender Crime Sub-Inspector Saeeda Khaliq said that the purpose of the Gender Crime Department is to protect children.

(The Nation)