CTD pioneer of national security, protection of lives of citizens: IG Punjab

Jun 07, 2023

IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar said in a special message regarding the working of Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) personnel that CTD is the front force of national security, life and property of citizens, business and property protection, IG Punjab. Dr. Usman Anwar said that it is necessary for us to honor these mysterious servants who performed the great duty of ensuring the safety of the country and nation with silence and hard work day and night. He said that CTD is crushing impure ambitions of anti state elements and internal and external enemies of country. The veteran soldiers of the Counter Terrorism Department are fighting the anti-national elements by putting their lives at stakes. Dr. Usman Anwar said that CTD is conducting dangerous intelligence-based operations by infiltrating the criminals and obtaining secret information.

Using the world’s most advanced computer systems, home-made software, artificial intelligence, data analysis. Dr. Usman Anwar said that CTD is using modern tools like satellite tracking, e-gadgets, geo-fencing against anti-national elements. The world leading agencies are using the same intelligence technologies and software to defeat terrorists, which is a reflection of CTD’s expertise and competence. IG Punjab said that the personnel of CTD and other intelligence agencies are securing the future of the country and the nation with the use of modern technology and as a result of the hard work and sacrifices of these personnel day and night, terrorism and sectarianism have been wiped out from the homeland.  IG Punjab said that Punjab Police is working day and night to serve and protect the citizens and no sacrifice would be spared in fulfilling this sacred duty.

(Daily Times)