Cop foils woman’s suicide attempt

Mar 14, 2023

MUZAFFARGARH: A police constable foiled a suicide attempt by a woman with her four children after she had had a scuffle with her husband. A police spokesman said the woman had gotten into a fight with her husband and took her children to Head Pujnad to end their lives.  In the meantime, a constable, Ubaidullah, saw her from a short distance and realized what the woman had been up to.  Ubaidullah rushed towards the woman and managed to convince her to not to jump into the canal as life was God's blessing, especially for the children who hadn't even reached adulthood.

The constable empathized with the woman over the problems she had been going through. Later, a police official informed the woman's family as well as the Saddar Police Station. DPO Raza Safdar appreciated the constable for his efforts and awarded him Rs5,000 cash prize. Meanwhile, police claimed to have arrested an alleged kidnapper of a four-year-old girl just half an hour after her abduction. According to Khangarh Police, the accused had taken the minor to a deserted area, some two kilometres away from her residence, situated in Khan Garh city.  SHO Qaiser Husnain saved the minor through timely action and arrested the alleged criminal. The kidnapper had lured the minor and took her along on a motorbike, police said.  The identity of the abductor was yet to be revealed.