Police to observe Shuhada Day today

Aug 04, 2022

LAHORE: To pay tribute to their brave martyrs, Punjab Police would mark the "Police Shuhada Day" with traditional enthusiasm on Thursday (August 4) in all the districts of the province.

Special ceremonies would be organised in the honour of the police martyrs at all the police lines and memorials of the province, in which the armed squads of the police will salute and pay tribute to the eternal sacrifices of the martyrs.

A spokesperson for police said that the total number of martyrs of Punjab Police who lost their lives while performing their professional duties was 1,573, including Lahore Police 320, Rawalpindi Police 112, Faisalabad Police 105 and Gujranwala Police 99 martyrs.

Among these martyrs were the policemen of all districts as well as the Punjab Constabulary, the PHP, Elite, Traffic Police and the Special Branch.