Under-age & Forced Marriages


Under-age & Forced Marriage is a Crime

  • Any person marrying a girl of less than 16 years of age and the person conducting such marriage, including the Nikkah Solemnizer and Nikkah Registrar shall be liable for imprisonment upto 6 months and fine Rs: 50,000/-. [Punjab Child Marriage Restraint (amendment) Act 2015]
  • Customs like Wanni and marriage in lieu of compromise, or marriage with the Holy Quran are illegal, liable for imprisonment for 3 to 7 years and fine of Rs: 500,000/- [S.310-A, 498-C Pakistan Penal Code]
  • A person forcibly marrying a girl against her will is liable to be punished with imprisonment for 3 to 7 years and a fine of Rs: 500,000/- [S.498-B Pakistan Penal Code]
  • Complaint regarding underage marriage can be registered with Police/Union Council/Judicial Magistrate.