Hospitals & Labs MoUs - DPO Rajanpur

Given below is the detail of MoUs signed by the DPO Rajanpur with different Hospitals & Labs, for welfare/concession in dues for employees of Punjab Police and their family members:

  • Summary
  • ASSPA, Rajanpur
  • Aslam Memorial Medical Centre, Fazil Pur, Rajanpur
  • Rahman Hospital, Fazil Pur, Rajanpur
  • Tariq Care Hospital, Fazil Pur, Rajanpur
  • Harmain Children Hospital, Fazil Pur, Rajanpur
  • Al Shifa Poli Clinic, Kot Mithan, Rajanpur
  • Syed Clinic, Fazil Pur, Rajanpur
  • Faisal Hospital, Fazil Pur, Rajanpur
  • Umbreen Poli Clinic, Fazil Pur, Rajanpur
  • Chughtai Lac, Rajanpur
  • City Lab Zain Ul Abdeen, Rajapur
  • Jan Laboratory, Jampur, Rajanpur
  • Jinnah Lab, Jampur, Rajanpur
  • Zubair Khokhar Clinic Kotal Mughlan Jampur, Rajanpur
  • Bodla Trust Hospital, Kotla Mughlan Jampur, Rajanpur
  • Alhamd Clinical Laboratory, Dajal, Rajanpur
  • Ayubi Clinic Laboratory, Dajal, Rajanpur
Source: Welfare Branch, CPO, Punjab